Private Tour to Pompeii, Vesuvius & Herculaneum From Sorrento

Spend a fantastic day visiting three amazing sights! Your private tour of Pompeii, Vesuvius and Herculaneum will begin with our driver picking you up from the port of Sorrento in a Mercedes vehicle. During the short journey to the ruins, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the Volcano and the Neapolitan Riviera.

Please note: chauffeured drivers can provide you with basic commentary during your drive and will show you as much as he can; however once you arrive at the village or site, you will be left to explore them on your own.

Pompeii is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world. Its fame and uniqueness are of course, due to the remarkable way in which it was preserved by the eruption of Vesuvio in AD 79. Researchers believe that the town was founded in the seventh or sixth century BC and was captured by the Romans in 80 BC. By the time of its destruction, 160 years later, its population was probably approximately 20,000, with a complex water system, an amphitheatre, gymnasium and a port. The town has been a popular tourist destination for over 250 years; it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997. The most important artery of the city was Via dell’Abbondanza (a modern name), which was home to craftsmen’s workshops, taverns, inns and dyers’ shops.

Herculaneum surrounded by volcanic rock, gives you a far clearer idea of the magnitude of the volcanic eruption. Only a few centimetres of ash fell on the city, causing little damage. Subsequently, there was a succession of six flows of boiling mud (a mixture of ash and gases) which then solidified. These gradually buried the city’s buildings from the bottom up, causing relatively little damage. The good state of preservation of the site is due to its rapid filling by these flows, which prevented the buildings from collapsing. The ruins really gives you an idea of how ancient Romans lived. The first excavations to be carried out were in Ercolano area in the 18th century. In 1709, the Prince of Elbeuf, who was digging a well in one of his villas, chanced upon the town’s theatre.

Mount Vesuvius one of the world’s most famous volcanoes, looms above the Bay of Naples. It is 4,203 feet high and relatively quiet, but still very active. The bottom of the crater is about 800 feet below the crater rim. The most famous eruption occurred on 24-25 August, 79 A.D. An enormous ash eruption and collapsing ash column destroyed and buried three Roman towns (Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae). The slopes of the volcano are used to cultivate Vesuvius’ Falanghina, Coda di Volpe (known locally as “Caprettone”) and Piedirosso del Vesuvio grapes, which together make the famous Lacryma Christi, a wine with an agreeably strong bouquet and with a dry aromatic flavour.

Please note: Entrance fees, meals and drinks are not included. A certified English speaking guide is highly recommended at Pompeii for a better experience and because of your time frame; two hours is the minimum number of hours required for hiring a guide. Please wear comfortable walking shoes and bring water (especially in the summer) for this tour.