Private cooking lessons in Positano

Discover one of the passions deeply rooted in the hearts of every Italian family: the pleasure of good eating. Learn the Campania recipes with our hands-on home cooking classes in Positano and enjoying wonderful aromas: you will feel like you are in someone’s grandmother’s kitchen!

Our lessons are set in a private local house in Positano, a beautiful village on the Amalfi Coast, in Southern Italy. This activity will give you an insight into the Italian cuisine and a fun break from sightseeing.

They are held from April to October in the morning or afternoon according to availability and conducted in English. Multiple as well as one day cooking courses are available.

Recipes vary according to the season, utilizing only the freshest ingredients available. All courses will include several of the more famous Campania’s dishes.

All hands-on classes are different and are tailored around your own interests. You will be explained the steps, secrets and tips to prepare true Italian dishes like bruschetta, stuffed and fried zucchini flowers, eggplant parmesan, gnocchi alla sorrentina, homemade tomato sauce and pasta, pesto, seafood scialatielli and more…

After the class you will sit at the table on the terrace with a great sea view: wine will be poured and your creations will be served for you to feast on!

For reservations and availability, please contact us.