Private boat tour of the Amalfi Coast

The best way to experience the Amalfi Coast is a private boat tour to discover the hidden treasures of this beautiful coastline. The Amalfi Coast has a totally different perspective from the water. As you look up at the steep, rocky mountains you see villages clinging to the rock face or hidden in small alcoves.

Many of the most enchanting stretches of the coastline are completely inaccessible by land. By boat you will be able to reach those secluded bays which are just perfect for swimming or sun bathing - far from the crowds crammed onto the tiny pebble beaches.

With our private boat tours, you will have the chance to stop at one of the fishing villages for lunch or in Amalfi to visit the town or go to Ravello.

Along the way you will admire the Furore Gorge, an ancient fishing village listed by UNESCO; the famous Natural Arch (Arco Naturale) where you can enjoy the sensation of swimming through this famous landmark and the villages of Praiano and Conca dei Marini.

So what are you waiting for?